Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 161 – Final Podcast of 2015!


Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #161!
Well Christmas has come and gone and I hope you all had a great and safe one. This is the last show of 2015, so I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year’s Weekend. Due to the holiday season there is not much news to tell you about. Sadly we did lose a legend this
week as Lemmy, the lead singer of Motörhead, passed away at the age of 70 years old. All the usual segments are here: Box Office Reports; New Releases; Entertainment News and Super Hero Movie Time.
In sports, more NFL injuries pile up into the last week of the season. Teams are pushing for playoff positioning and a few teams still trying to wiggle their way in. Steeler’s fans will have to also be Buffalo Bills fans this week as the Jets need to lose and the Steelers need to win. The NFL releases the 2016 Pro Bowl Players who were voted in. Also, the Barclay’s Premiere League sees a new top of the table. NHL 3 Stars of the Week and a big announcement from Dwayne Johnson and the WWE.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!
NOTE: Apologies for yawning a lot in this episode… Still recovering from a great holiday weekend with the future in-laws.

Deadpool Trailer – Christmas Day Trailer – NSFW (Red Band)
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