Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Season 3 Super Bowl Edition

NFL Pick Em nfl-playoffs
Super Bowl 50a

Here it is folks… The Super Bowl. The 50th Anniversary of one of the biggest sporting events in history. Adam, Tyler and I give you our analysis of the AFC and NFC Championship games, and then we make our picks for the Big Game… The Super Bowl!! As for the pick segment of the show… Well Adam is our winner, well he could technically be tied for the lead depending how the picks go, but no one can pass him with just one game remaining. Also, we know James will finish at the bottom of the table this year… sorry James. OJ moved up the charts and had a really good season. Tyler and I had good years, but not as good as Adam. Listen to the show to hear all our thoughts.
Enjoy the Super Bowl folks and thank the Broncos for eliminating Brady.
See you again soon for the Super Bowl wrap up show.

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