Ehnother Podcast S04E05 – Happy Birthday Leapers!

Happy Leap Day everyone! Welcome to an all new Ehnother Podcast! James and OJ talk about the weeks that were. OJ give James a few presents. He’s a great friend! Then James tells you about some police officers that shovel a womans driveway after a snow plow ruins her freshly shoveled yard. Local OPP in Orillia whoever you are! May the Force Be With You! You officers rock!

I tell OJ that if the City of Sudbury had listened to Frankie we wouldn’t have had some issues with snow on Thursday!

Someone get Frankie a fucking sponsorship for some pizza, coke, pepsi or chinese food! A basic home income may be coming to a Province (Ontario) near you. Sounds like Aaron really needs to come on the show soon! A new $20 coin from the Royal Canadian Mint celebrating Batman v Superman is on it’s way! 5 Facts about Leap Years! and Celebrities who share this unique day as a birthday! 

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