Ehnother Podcast S04E07 – Nutella Cookies

Hello everyone welcome to an all new week of podcasting from all of us here at Ehnother Podcast! This week OJ joins me for some pod especially for you. I know it’s a hard cycle to break but we are working on a no phone zone for podcasts! We will get there. So OJ enjoys a Nutella Cookie from Timmies while James has a special job to vacuum now. Then the boys cover some of the action figure stuff and talk about heading out into the world to go look for goodies. Spoilers it’s not heard on the podcast but last week James and OJ went to Toys R Us and James opened a toy in his van and there is some kind of vortex and the item is lost. OJ and James were going to trade these hockey players and well James ended up with his because it was the Toronto Maple Leafs. OJ didn’t get his because they looked and looked and couldn’t find the one James lost IN HIS VAN! So when they went to Toys R Us this week James bought one to replace for OJ. When they got to the vehicle OJ cracked it open and VOILA! IT was Steven Stamkos OJ’s favourite player! OJ now doesn’t need to buy the blind packs any more! Bros for life! Well here is the one video they did play they talked about music and how music is getting stupider…. way dumber than years past. Enjoy this and the show! Oh and a story about body hacking. It sounds like a gang. THE BODYHACKERS

Oh and Secret Service driver training 101!

Come back tomorrow for Reel Music!



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