Ehnother Podcast S04E08 – That’s a Wrap

Hi everyone! I am alone this week as OJ and I were working on a special youtube video. That should be up in a couple of few and when it is we will share it with you. I tell you about Maley Drive and how we need to do this for the betterment of our city. Some other things I tell you about are the Tianjin Explosion that happened in August of 2015 but footage started to make it’s way around the internet and it’s spectacular.

The warehouse where this happened was storing illegal amounts of dangerous chemicals.  173 people died during this massive explosion.

Do you want to know where the cast of Agents of Shield stand on Captain America vs Iron Man? Well here it is!

And last but certainly not least, legendary singer / songwriter Steve Young passed away and he was known by many fans of the Eagles for writing Seven Bridges Road. Below you will be able to hear the original version that Steve did and under that the live version with the 5 part harmonies that the Eagles did. That is all for this week come back Wednesday for Warlock Wednesday!


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