Warlock Hour Presents: This Week in Sports Episode 6 – NFL Extended Edition

This Week in Sports

This week in sports has a new voice… at least when it comes to talking the NFL. Welcome to the Ehnother Podcast family, the Irishman … Keith! Keith and I discuss the current NFL off season and how things have been shook up for the NFL draft due to free agent signings. Also, we delve into SOME of the rule changes that came down from the Competition Committee… a few more have been added since we recorded, but we will discuss those next week. This week is very NFL heavy, so enjoy all the football talk. Due to the length of our first ever NFL talk, I did condense the rest of the sports news down, but you will still know where your favourite Barclay’s Premiere League team stands in the table; who the NHL 3 Stars of the Week were and who has already clinched a spot for the NHL playoffs.
Hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and join us back here next week.

Barclay’s Premiere League
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