Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice Review with Spoilers

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Review (SPOILERS)
If you haven’t seen don’t go any further……..
I think it’s safe now. So I did watch Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice and going in I was super hyped. I was wanting to see this film. I knew deep down that the film was going to be something for the fans and not so much the critics. I can tell you the critics want more MCU and less dark DCEU. That being said it won’t be like the MCU at all at least not this go around. I hope never they have to be different. So now with the review.

The story kicks off with Bruce’s parents dying once again. Only this time you get to see what I can only hope will be the two people to play a part in the Flash Point Paradox (one could only hope they do this story). So they die and Bruce runs through a field at Wayne Manor and he falls into a hole, a hole that would eventually become the batcave. And all of a sudden the bats start lifting him up. I am like what the hell is going on? Then you hear the voice of Bruce saying it’s a dream. I am like thank Christ because if within the first five minuets Zack screws up Batman people are going to lose their minds. And it was at that moment I was taken out of the film, my excitement and wonder for this film faded more quickly than a pee hard on.

The film does have some good parts and bad parts so the first one I wanted to tell you why I was taken out of the film. Here are the pros and cons

1. They showed how everyone was affected by the destruction in MoS.
2. The people wanted Superman to be held to a different standard and be accountable and he was willing to come forward and do whatever it takes (he shows up at the senate hearing).
3. Batman (Everything) and he shows you how to prepare, and how he prepared for this fight.
4. The amount of the other founding members of the JL were not jam packed into the film and made me excited for Justice League
5. Lex was psychotic and I loved this version of this kid.
6. Flash dream sequence was great probably the only one that was needed in the whole film.
7. Lex being a catalyst to the fight.
8. Superman knowing he needed Batman.
9. Wonder Woman
10. Doomsday (in this universe it was set up brilliantly from MoS it was overlooked a bit. However Zack had at least one plan.
11. The Death of Superman (Yeah I know he’s my boy, but this was Superman vs Doomsday he’s got to die.)

1. Zacks in ability to get proper help writing a story he should have never wrote in the first place.
2. Superman was a dick, he didn’t want to be Superman at one point. Even disappearing off into the Arctic.
3. Lex was too weak at points and not calm, cool and collected like he should have been.
4. Batman kills…….you had one rule Zack and you fucked that up…..
5. Martha Kent is kind of a bitch saying he doesn’t owe the world a thing. He owes the world everything.
6. ADHD brand of story telling. No offence to the people with ADHD but I am seriously questioning Zack’s ability.
7. The movie didn’t do the talent justice at all. Ben, Gal, Henry and Co were excellent that was one bad first two acts to sludge through.
8. It didn’t do Man of Steel Justice. Everyone who knows me knows I loved Man of Steel. You didn’t even get Man of Steel version of Superman in this film. You got a terrible version of Superman who just wants to quit. In Man of Steel you can at least see that he always finds a way and tries his best to save everyone.
9. Lois still can’t learn to call him Superman. It’s always Clark this and Clark that. Like shut the fuck up.
10. I’ve heard lots of people who thought the movie would be more of Batman v Superman and not just one fight. His mom’s name being said and best bros for life happen.
11. Superman comes back to or appears to come back to life just before the end credits.

Okay so I started the review off with the beginning of the film being bad, and now here are my thoughts on the last part. First of all in Man of Steel Superman snaps Zod’s neck and he’s still dead. In Batman v Superman the Doomsday that they had evolved to a point where he has a huge spike in his fist and he plants it through Superman’s chest. I am okay with this. What I am not okay with is him coming back to life or appearing to come back to life when the soil starts to move like when he’s going to fly. He should be dead that is until the Flash accidentally goes back in time to save him.

That being said there was enough easter eggs in here. When the Trinity finally come together it’s a great film and I was brought back into the film.


1) I don’t care if Zack directs the film just don’t let him write Justice League.
2) Go back to the time when in the Man of Steel he had a loving look in his eyes. Not this “consider this mercy bullshit”
3) Stop having Lois say Clark every fucking time it’s no wonder the whole world knows who the fuck he is.
4) Geoff Johns is the key not LOIS! Seriously DC if you want anyone to take you seriously after you made even me question what Zack is doing give Geoff the keys.

I will say this first two acts were slow and terribly put together. Visually a lot of the stuff was shot very well, that’s what Zack did in this case. He pointed a camera in a general direction and recorded stuff. The last act brought me back into the film with some hope. I loved the videos of Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and especially Aquaman.

Ratings in Reels of course…

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This is how the film should have ended. So he could change what happened even if by accident.


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