This Week in Sports Episode 10 – With the Second Pick in the NFL Draft…

This Week in Sports

Ehnother Podcast presents This Week in Sports Episode 10!
Once again this week, NFL Talk will be the main focus as we are now just a week away from the Draft. For the second week in a row there was a blockbuster trade of draft picks. About an hour before we started recording things were once again shaken up. Keith and I discuss the news of the week, the big trade and do a top 15 Mock Draft as we can sort of see it now. Plus discuss the possibilities of there being still more trades of draft pick positions between now and draft day. After that, I recap the Barclay’s Premiere League: Leicester is a win away from clinching top of the table; The NHL Playoffs are in full swing and some of my picks look good, while others… not so much; and of course wrap things up with a quick look at the MLB situation.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

Barclay’s Premiere League
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