This Week in Sports Episode 11 – Keith-less Week : NHL Playoffs Round 2 Predictions

This Week in Sports

Ehnother Podcast presents This Week in Sports Episode 11!
This week there is a smaller NFL Talk segment because Keith is on holidays in Vegas Baby! So I just do a quick run down of the news of the week. We will have a BIG NFL Pick ‘Em Show Draft Special next week (we will be recording it Sunday so the draft is fresh in our minds). Plus my math was a bit off as Leicester hasn’t actually clinched despite winning this past week, they need one more victory for that to happen in the Barclay’s Premiere League. The NHL Playoffs have entered the 2nd Round and I was not very good in my predictions in the 1st Round, but I am taking a shot at the 2nd Round any ways. Plus: The MLB standings and stats AND WWE Payback is this week so I make my WWE Predictions. Speaking of WWE, it is sad that I kick off the show with the news of the loss of former WWE Superstar Chyna. She will be missed.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

Barclay’s Premiere League

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