NFL Pick ‘Em 2016 Post Draft Special

NFL Pick Em

Welcome to this special edition of the NFL Pick ‘Em show. This show was recorded on Sunday May 1st, 2016 after the 2016 NFL Draft had been over for a day. Many of your NFL Pick ‘Em Show favourites tell you what we thought about our teams success or failures from this year’s draft. So if you’re a Broncos, Panthers, Packers, Patriots, Steelers, Raiders, Bears or Bills fan, we have you covered. I want to thank everyone who could make it and share their thoughts. To those who couldn’t we understand and look forward to the season. This should be a good season for all involved, definitely looking forward to it.
GO PACKERS!! – Keith
DA BEARS!! – Adam
GO BILLS!! – Ray
The 4 Musketeers will be back soon…

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