This Week in Sports Episode 12 – NFL Draft Recap/NHL Double Standards?

This Week in Sports

Ehnother Podcast presents This Week in Sports Episode 12!
This week Keith returns from vacation and we delve into the NFL Entry Draft with our
thoughts on the draft, surprises and who we feel had a good draft and those who may have
not succeeded so well. We also check in on how we did with our Mock Drafts… hint: Not so
well, but then again many Mock’s were spoiled by the Laremy Tunsil drop. We also hit on a
few other quick fire news points and wrap up a successful return to the NFL Talk Segment.
In the NHL, I have a beef with the Player Safety Committee and how they handled the two
suspensions of players committing the EXACT same penalty. How does one guy get only 1 game while the player from the other team got a 3 game suspension. NHL is screwing over the Capitals and pushing for the Penguins to win that series. It’s a tragedy. Also, some of the NHL Award Finalists have been announced… even though I kept saying nominees instead of Finalists. A couple of coaches lost their jobs and one may already have the inside track to coach in the NHL again very soon. Plus: Congrats to Leicester City for winning the
Barclay’s Premiere League; the MLB stats and standings and of course the WWE Payback results. Special shout out to Enzo Amore who suffered a concussion at this event and had to have the match stopped to be taken to hospital. The Realest Guy in the Room will be back once he clears concussion protocols, and I wish him a speedy recovery.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

Barclays Premiere League
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