NFL Pick ‘Em Season 4 Week 1

NFL Pick Em

Week 1 of the NFL Season is upon us and so the podcasters 3 have once again returned to the fold to give you our predictions of each game. We were hoping to make this a four musketeers situation, but sadly, Keith had some real life things to take care of. See you next week Keith, we’ll be ready for you. For this week, you have the OG cast of podcasters; Tyler, Adam and I predict the winners of each game and tell you who James and the Consensus picks are. This is a pre-recorded podcast due to vacation time, so OJ will be sending his picks in a little later as he didn’t want to prognosticate so far into the future. We will keep a record of his picks so he can continue to pick throughout the season.
Hope you enjoy the show, and see you next week.

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