NFL Pick ‘Em Season 4 Week 5 – Two Man Group!

NFL Pick Em

This week we are down to a two man crew. Adam and I bring all the picks from the 6 of us who make them on the podcast. I had to deal with a bit of sinus issues, but I hope the recording isn’t too bad. The standings still see OJ on top over all, but finally someone managed to beat him for the weekly standings. In fact, the weekly standings saw Tyler, Adam and I tied for the week with an 11 – 4 record, but OJ leads us all with a 43 – 20 record overall. The games of the week last week were the Rams vs Cardinals and Panthers vs Falcons. Very different and Adam and I discuss our thoughts. Tune in to find out which games we will be discussing next week. Adam and I do our best to convey each pick, hope to have more of the crew back next week.
Enjoy the show, see you back here next week.

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