Ehnother Podcast S05E06 – Renovations of the Real

After a long absence, James sits down with his wife Terra and they talk a lot about the renovations that they did recently. A lot of flooring was changed out (all of it) and it looks spectacular if he does say so! They also do cover a bit of news they hand out the douche awards to some people in Hamilton. What was done there is absolutely no joke. We can only hope that the little girl can find some sunshine now in this very dark world she was living in! And they also talk about school renovations that uncovered some blackboards that had been covered up since December of 1917! They are stunning to say the least! There are some links below because shit got real on the podcast! They will not make sense until you listen to the whole thing! James also stated in the podcast that if this has happened to you and you have no one to talk to he is here! is where you can find him! We love you!

Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868

Help for Abused Women is also the Swiss Army Knife of websites to be able to begin your healing process for many things that may be affecting you because of past trauma.

Canada and Justin Trudeau need to start to bring back programs like this and we need to start to educate our kids in all kinds of matters like what was mentioned in the podcast. We need to protect our kids now, more than ever in this twisted and dark society!

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