NFL Talk Plus Episode 38 – Injuries! Trades! Contracts! OH MY!!

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: NFL Talk Plus Episode 38!
This week we are full to bursting with news. The final week of preseason football is here, and while that means the regular season is a week away… it does mean there is a lot of news. There were suspensions, cuts, signings and a bunch of trades. Several teams also lost players to injury for the season. Keith and I also discuss the ongoing saga that is the Zeke Elliott suspension appeal hearing. Closing the show this week we talk about the class of one J.J. Watt and what he and several donators have done to help those who are suffering through the floods of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.
Thanks for listening.
Hope you enjoy the show, and come back next week for more!

J.J. Watt Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
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