NFL Pick ‘Em Season 5 Week 2 – Upset Picks Are Confusing!?

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents… The NFL Pick ‘Em Show
This week we are down to the Dynamic Duo of Tyler and I. Which means things get off the rails quite quickly. Much like there was sloppy football in Week 1, I had a bit of a mess with the rundown in this week’s recap portion of the show. However, Tyler and I make some interesting picks in what could be one of the most one sided week of football so far. We tell you the picks of those not on the podcast this week as well. Trying to work a new segment into the show can be like pulling teeth, especially when it seems to be very confusing to some. Others get it right away, but some are not so on board just yet, we shall see how the Upset Picks of the Week goes. So hear how we all think Week 2 plays out in this week’s podcast.
Thanks for listening.
Hope you enjoy the show and return for more next week!

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