Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 259 – R.I.P. Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay and Higgins

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: Warlock Wednesday Episode #259!
Another week of podcasting in the books, and once again it’s a bit of a short one, but the news is the news. We do have a couple of deaths to tell you about to kick things off. Then it’s into a very mistake filled Comic Book Releases segment. From there we get into the Box Office Reports and New Movie Releases… where Justice League will no doubt dominate both North American and Irish Box Office this coming weekend. The headlines are not many, but I bring you the news of the week. News that includes Christopher Plummer doing a LOT of work (and the editors doing a lot of work) to replace Kevin Spacey in a movie that is set to hit cinemas on December 22nd of this year. Concluding with a short Super Hero Movie Time and that’s the show for the week.
Thank you for listening.
Hope you enjoy the show, and come back next week!

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