Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 261 – Allergies + No Sleep = John Wesley Shipp Q&A

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: Warlock Wednesday Episode #261!
Was feeling really bad this week. The allergies and being tired took their toll. I returned to work for the first time in 3 years this week and my body is readjusting to that. So this week’s show is a bit different. It’s going to be like a show when I am on holidays. While this one is not pre-recorded, all you will find this week are your Comic Book Released; Box Office Reports and New Movie Releases. However, I also did add a special segment. The Q&A session of the man who is legendarily known as The Flash… John Wesley Shipp. Wayne, of The Irish Pubcast moderated this Q&A session at Dublin Comic Con 2017. I hope you enjoy the Q&A as much as I did.
Thanks for listening.
Hope you enjoy the show, and come back next week!

Zombie Portraits
Box Office Mojo
Irish Box Office
The Irish Pubcast
Warlock Wednesday’s

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