Ehnother Pre-Christmas Episode

What is up everyone? Hope you had a swell 2019, I didn’t podcast as much as I would have liked to however it will be ramping up in the next little while. In this episode my lovely wife Terra sits in and we have a pre-Christmas podcast 🙂 All with new gear and such! HopeContinue reading “Ehnother Pre-Christmas Episode”

Reel Music S08E12 – #HappyHolidays

REEL MUSIC was recorded for the sole purpose of the holiday season. OJ is joined in the studio with Naughty Nana. Talking movies, trailers and all kinds of holiday treats.

Reel Music S08E10 – #TryingToStayAwake

This week’s Reel Music was recorded LIVE in the CKLU Studio in front of a recorded non-studio audience. #MoviesOnVinyl #TrailerTalk #ComingSoon #SilverCitySudbury Dec 12, 2019 #ClassicFilmSeries #FlashbackFilmSeries #BoxOffice Number 1 – Dec 6-8, 2019 #SHPH