Ehnother 70G

Welcome to the show! Sorry for the non-Monday release of the show! In this episode my wife and I talk about one of my favourite Hip Hop Artists who I know in real life! Chezza has a new album! Check out the 7-O-G: The Ascension Story  You can hear the album there for free or you can buy it on iTunes or where ever you get music! Best $10 I ever spent (Plus I do him a solid and listen to it on Spotify to bump those numbers son!)

Go check out his IceBurgh Store as well for all the gear! I do have all the permission to use his song in the podcast! It’s nice having very talented friends in all sorts of walks of life!


Reel Music S08E13 – #WhatsUpDanger

REEL MUSIC was recorded LIVE whether you like it or not. Darren and OJ talk movies. Darren is surprised that he saw a trailer that OJ didn’t. Listen and find out which trailer.




#BoxOffice Number 1 – Jan 10-12, 2020


RIP Aunt Pat

We Made the Perfect Amount of Pasta!


Here is the second installment of the podcast this year! IN YOUR FACE CBENZ! 🙂 In this episode we talk about new years resolutions, Donald Trump, the impeachment and country music! YEAH BABY! That’s it that’s all! Thanks for listening!

Ehnother Podcast to kick off the Year

What is up! Time for ehnother podcast from us here at this episode James is doing some fine tuning and adding in some new bumpers. Don’t let that stop you from listening. He covers his Marvel Contest of Champions career (lol) and some last fine tuning for a great series of episodes for 2020 Happy New Year!