Can’t Stop Flipping Fridays Episode 6

In this new Episode of Cant Stop Flipping. Jetscreamer has a special Guest Danielle! they do different topics such as “this or That” and “Ask a Nerd!” enjoy the latest episode and drop some input down below!


Can’t Stop Flipping Fridays Episode 5

Hey guys, your boy Jetscreamer here. Today episode is by far one of my favorites. Today I talk about Facebook and Note 3. I also have a lot of comic news. The Joker is putting his face on every Death of the Family comic for starters. Also, everyone favorite writer Gail Simone is doing big things with Marvel. I also have tv and movie news and suggestions for EVERYONE! So sit back relax and like I always say. Be Frosty!


Can’t Stop Flipping Fridays Episode 4

Hey guys, on this episode is Can’t Stop Flipping Fridays. I talk about the upcoming issue of Animal Man issue 29. The new upcoming intros of the Simpsons and how it relates to Dr who. I also talk about the latest episode of THE WALKING DEAD! So stay tuned, listen up to this and more!!!


Can’t Stop Flipping Friday’s Episode 3

This episode of Cant Stop Flipping Fridays! its going to be all over the place. From cake to Dams. I also mention The new Constantine and Flash tv show. Like always I talk about COMICS and more COMICS. Dc and Marvel are having hard times and I go into that on this episode. I hope you guys enjoy this episode of Cant Stop Flipping.

Links below

Target ignores retail hackingForever Evil NightwingThree Gorges DamRare Mutant Redwood


Can’t Stop Flippling Fridays Episode 2

On this episode of Can’t Stop Flipping Fridays. I talk about New comic book news like New popular comic about Jesus being cloned and it going entirely wrong. And about alarms that wake you with a loving smell. I also talk annoy what tv shows I pick to dvr this week and many other stories. Stay tuned and listen to the latest episode of Can’t Stop Flipping!


Can’t Stop Flipping Fridays Episode 1

Hey everyone, it’s James here posting on behalf of our newest Podcast Team Member – Demetries! He started a new show this week, and from our texts back and forth it’s been a crazy one. In the next week he should be added as an administrator to post his podcast and also provide some verbage about what is in it! So without further adieu here is Demetries and the FIRST EVER Can’t Stop Flipping Fridays brought to you by Make sure you come back Monday for some awesome NEWS!