Ehnother 70G

Welcome to the show! Sorry for the non-Monday release of the show! In this episode my wife and I talk about one of my favourite Hip Hop Artists who I know in real life! Chezza has a new album! Check out the 7-O-G: The Ascension Story  You can hear the album there for free orContinue reading “Ehnother 70G”

We Made the Perfect Amount of Pasta!

a Here is the second installment of the podcast this year! IN YOUR FACE CBENZ! 🙂 In this episode we talk about new years resolutions, Donald Trump, the impeachment and country music! YEAH BABY! That’s it that’s all! Thanks for listening!

Ehnother Podcast to kick off the Year

What is up! Time for ehnother podcast from us here at this episode James is doing some fine tuning and adding in some new bumpers. Don’t let that stop you from listening. He covers his Marvel Contest of Champions career (lol) and some last fine tuning for a great series of episodes for 2020Continue reading “Ehnother Podcast to kick off the Year”

Ehnother Pre-Christmas Episode

What is up everyone? Hope you had a swell 2019, I didn’t podcast as much as I would have liked to however it will be ramping up in the next little while. In this episode my lovely wife Terra sits in and we have a pre-Christmas podcast 🙂 All with new gear and such! HopeContinue reading “Ehnother Pre-Christmas Episode”

Ehnother Podcast – A Dangerous Offender is Among Us

Hey all! Been a really long time! James sits down with his wife Terra and they go over what they have been up to and what has gone on in their lives as well as talking about someone they both know who was recently released from jail. James’ childhood friend Michael Tomasik who was chargedContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast – A Dangerous Offender is Among Us”

Hello! Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Heylooooooooooo Ehnother Podcastites! It”s your old pal James! I am back finally with an all new episode! Finally after over a year! Check it out here or on iTunes. Some other changes will be coming shortly. Listen to the podcast to find out! Here are some of the links I was talking about in theContinue reading “Hello! Is It Me You’re Looking For?”

Ehnother Podcast – S05E14 – You’re Welcome

Hey everyone! The most amazing wife and I are back for an all new episode just for your ear holes. We kicked off the podcast with a little bit of Coolio! The Rock is making my day lately with his song from Moana – You’re Welcome! My 10 year old belt had it’s last dayContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast – S05E14 – You’re Welcome”

Someone Else’s Nipple – S05E13

Well it’s that time of the week again where my lovely wife and I sit down and ramble about some of our summer plans and the news from the week. If you want the news stories please feel free to go to the Facebook page and get them all there! Also Sad James is goingContinue reading “Someone Else’s Nipple – S05E13”

Ehnother Podcast – S05E12 Just for Roch

Here is an all new episode! Little late on a Monday but here it is none the less. My lovely co-host / wife joins me and we talk about her new job. Police are looking for a man who killed a 7 year old and so much more. Check the facebook page for all theContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast – S05E12 Just for Roch”

Ehnother Podcast S05E11 – #BOYCOTTMCOC

With things changing up on the network, James and OJ are here to provide you with one last funny together for a while! James’ wife Terra will be taking over co-host duties next week. With her current job change she is off every weekend prompting changes to the show. This week they discuss many thingsContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast S05E11 – #BOYCOTTMCOC”