Ehnother Extra Post 1

Just a little note, I have been having thoughts go through my head for a while now. I have so much to work on, this past summer I played some softball with some people from work. And I felt great and amazing. I haven’t done that in years. So I decided then to work on my weight and make it for next year. I mean it only makes sense to do so right? So I am embarrasingly fat. And I use that word because that is what I am. Yes I am over weight  and there is no pill that will do it for me, if there were there would be no fat person alive in the world today. It will only take hard work and dedication to blast it all away. So what is my problem? Here is what I currently look like right now.

The only reason I hate that video is because I am fat. And right now I even want to punch myself in the face for sounding so emo about my weight, something that I caused myself. I mean really there is absolutely no one else to blame but myself in this situation. So why am I an emotional eater? I am happy I eat, I am sad I eat, I am bored I eat? Why? Why do I do this to myself? Why do I put stress on my wife to worry about me and my health? I can’t answer any of it. I am a happy guy 99% of the time. I am and shouldn’t be hungry or bored eating at work like I do. So today, this is the change this is the day that makes every other day like no other. Because I am in control of few things, but making sure that I do everything I can to lose weight and make the goals that I will set out below to make sure I become all that I can be! I will do everything I can to stay away from pop, I will do everything I can to stay away from chocolate (and I love chocolate), I will do everything I can to control what I eat, and how much, and how fast I eat.

So now onto my goals to which I will update each month on the 9th how I am getting along. Why the 9th? Convenience I guess, as I am posting this on the 9th.


1. Lose 14 inches on my waist.

2. Be honest to myself about it every day.

3. Be an inspiration to others about weight loss.

4. Not be a dick about being the former fat guy, and I did this so you can as well.

5. Stop judging people on their appearance (I know Pot…Kettle….Black).

6. No pop or chocolate for a year NONE.

7. Work on my special project with OJ that I have yet to discuss with him.

8. Play softball next summer (countdown to May 2013 – 7 months)

9. As a reward I get my Patriots Jersey with my name and number on it next Christmas

10. Live a happy and productive life with my wife. And start making her not worry about my weight.

Those are my 10 goals for the next year. Now time to get on it, and make it work. Now I will post photos of my journey at the end. I have to make sure to make every day count. I am hoping that this will inspire someone, and it will inspire me to meet my goals. Thanks for reading!