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Hello everyone, welcome to our special dedication page. For what I like to call Friends of the Show! For a long time whenever OJ and I get together and we talk about people who have been on the show that we call friends of the show. Podcasting is a unique thing, and a very hard market to break into. From every corner in the world are great people. People I have never met in person but are connected through a medium that is still in the infancy stage of the ways we communicate. So here are some of my friends of the show, I hope you like them and subscribe to them. Each one I have listened to and have discussed with them some things we will be offering to all the Fans of the Shows later on. Stay tuned!

1 – Say What Podcast – I can’t even put into words how awesome this show is! I randomly came across their podcast a little over a year ago. Tom is the leader of this talented group, some one who has become a great friend the only way two boys become friends these days. Through texts and memes! Chase is my boy who loves Tim Hortons coffee, why wouldn’t he? Grahm helps bring this trio together like the glue between two pieces of paper. What more can you ask for? Every Friday this show comes out and you should 100% Subscribe!

2 – Coming soon!

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