Ehnother Podcast to kick off the Year

What is up! Time for ehnother podcast from us here at this episode James is doing some fine tuning and adding in some new bumpers. Don’t let that stop you from listening. He covers his Marvel Contest of Champions career (lol) and some last fine tuning for a great series of episodes for 2020 Happy New Year!

Ehnother Pre-Christmas Episode

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What is up everyone? Hope you had a swell 2019, I didn’t podcast as much as I would have liked to however it will be ramping up in the next little while. In this episode my lovely wife Terra sits in and we have a pre-Christmas podcast 🙂 All with new gear and such! Hope you like and enjoy it! Come back tomorrow for Reel Musico

Reel Music S08E12 – #HappyHolidays

REEL MUSIC was recorded for the sole purpose of the holiday season. OJ is joined in the studio with Naughty Nana.
Talking movies, trailers and all kinds of holiday treats.

Reel Music S08E11 – #LickMyLovePump

REEL MUSIC S08E11 was recorded with some guys talking about the 35th Anniversary of This Is Spinal Tap.

Reel Music S08E10 – #TryingToStayAwake

This week’s Reel Music was recorded LIVE in the CKLU Studio in front of a recorded non-studio audience.



#ComingSoon #SilverCitySudbury Dec 12, 2019



#BoxOffice Number 1 – Dec 6-8, 2019


Reel Music S08E07 – #EnterHashtagHere

REEL MUSIC S08E07 was recorded LIVE in front of a recorded audience on October 26, 2019.

#TheNightOfTheLivingDead October 31, 2019 @SudburyIndieCinema


#ComingSoon – #SilverCity #TerminatorDarkFate

#BoxOffice Number 1 – Oct 25-27, 2019


Reel Music S08E06 – #TimeToGiveThanks

REEL MUSIC S08E06 was recorded LIVE on October 12, 2019, from the CKLU Studio in the heart of Downtown Sudbury.

R.I.P. Robert Forster

R.I.P. Sid Haig

#ComingSoon – October 31, 2019


#BoxOffice Number 1 – October 11-13, 2019

#JayAndSilentBobReboot – Oct 15 & 18, 2019 at @cineplexevents


Reel Music S08E05 – #DarkDaysAhead

REEL MUSIC S08E05 was recorded LIVE on October 5, 2019 from the CKLU Studios in the heart of Downtown Sudbury.

In the episode, OJ welcomes back into the studio David Briggs. We talk about his upcoming events “Northern Frights Festival” and “Best of the Fest”.

“Best of the Fest” Oct 12, 2019, in North Bay at the White Water Gallery
Event Trailer –

“Northern Frights Festival” Oct 19, 2019, in Sudbury at the Sudbury Theatre Centre
Event Trailer –

Northern Frights Festival
Official Site –
Facebook Page –

Reel Music S08E03 – #TheSecretMarathon

Here is a special episode of Reel Music. On Sept 21, 2019, I had the honour of having filmmaker Kate McKenzie LIVE in the CKLU Studios. Listen as we talk movies and about her documentary The Secret Marathon, A film about the 1st women to run a marathon in Afghanistan.

Reel Music at Cinefest 2019 Report

Howdy Folks!

Reel Music this week will be a very special LIVE episode on CKLU ( streaming LIVE on )

One of the filmmakers of “The Secret Marathon” will be our Guest of Honour on September 21, 2019.

A film about the 1st women to run a marathon in Afghanistan.

Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 1pm on CKLU 96.7 fm |