Ehnother Podcast S04E11 – Colossusly Fun

James and OJ are back with an all new episode. James is too lazy to write in everything they talked about so this is all you get. Shoutouts are on the podcast that they did via Facebook live!

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Enother Poscast SE03E52 – Season Finale

Hello everyone! Welcome to an all new episode from Ehnother Podcast! This is the season finale and we have so much in store for you for season 4! That being said OJ and James have a few stories for you and then they get into the news, but first NEW to the DVD shelf?

Straight Outta Compton!

Here are some of the other trailers that they talked about.



30 Car Pile Up

Ili Wearable Translator

Then here are some of the articles, 21 Adorable Stuffed Animals, a School shooting in Saskatchewan, Police recover guns in Sudbury Ontario and DC Rebirth

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Ehnother Podcast – S03E48 BeliebDAT We’re Back

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new week of Podcasting from your favourite Canadian Podcast Network! James and OJ are back this week and OJ supplies the Network with the official Douche Award.

We will do something with the Beliber Trophy to make it official! Now onto the show, we talk about a little movie that I watched when I was a kid on tv. No Retreat, No Surrender! The actual movie is all on YouTube.

Ten Second Songs are back with Adele – Hello! This guy does great work!

Some nice local men save a bald eagle, you’re welcome America!  A drama teacher wins over a prejudice woman.  A young woman ran away in China 10 years ago because her mom yelled at her and she was located living in an Internet Cafe.

And meet Otis Johnson he has been in jail for 44 years and his mind is blown away at what he see’s when he get’s out.

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Ehnother Podcast – Pinkeye

Hello everyone, in this episode OJ has pink eye! We discuss our new comic books that we have procured over the past few weeks. Also the newest movie to be added to the DVD shelf is Furious 7! On Reel Music OJ gave me Lost After Dark so that is now on there as well! He’s the best friend a guy could ever have! We then talk about our weeks and then jump into the news. In local news Greater Sudbury Police disarm a subject, a grenade is found in a Sudbury home during renovations, PK Subban is Ehnother Hero, the douche of the week is handed out and a zombie apocalypse to die for! Thanks for tuning in included below is the video for Show Them To Me. Come back tomorrow for Reel Music!


Ehnother Podcast – Been A While

Wow what an amazing week, this past weekend I had my baseball tournament. Our first game of the season was rained out, and the second when I am writing this doesn’t look too promising. So this past weekend hopefully will be great weather. This week OJ and I cover the news, although a bit old by the time you’re hearing this wait for the end when we talk Super Girl! So here are some of the stories that we do cover!

Deadpool Action figures, 5 reasons a Dredd Netflix series would work, Sudbury Mother charged for recording daughter bathing, Tron 3 will not be moving forward, Self parking car goes terribly wrong, Dave Grohl loves Taylor Swift, Super Girl Pilot leaks online

Thanks for listening, I know OJ will be at Graphic Con here in Sudbury this past weekend so I hope he has some interviews for you on there! Come back tomorrow to get a fresh new Reel Music!



Ehnother Podcast – Years of Futures Past

Welcome everyone to an all new Ehnother Podcast! This week OJ is here to talk some random things. The start of the show is in honour of OJs team the Tampa Bay Lightning and their game seven win over the New York Rangers, then we talk about our weeks, OJ’s car is back and all the normal stuff like action figures. How the wind is making mine fall off the shelf. And my office move. We talk the new comics I got last week (Conergence #8 of 8, Shazam Convergence #2 of 2 and Guardians Team up #5). I then tell you why I am loving Marvel more than DC at the moment and it’s not the reason you may think, we jump into a new segment and tell you some of the new comics that are coming out mostly on the part of DC Comics for the month of June there are a few number ones and resets that we would like to get our hands on. You can see the DC Comics list here and the Marvel Comics list here! As always we would like to remind you to listen to Warlock Wednesdays for all your comic needs the week they come out! Also if you would like to know more about Midnighter then you can do that here!

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Ehnother Podcast S03E30 – Everyone Cheats

If you want to hear a podcast about how James thinks that there is more colour in DC Convergence than there is in Secret Wars then this is the podcast for you! Also on the show you will hear how everyone in baseball is allegedly still cheaters.

New DVDs on the shelf are Bridesmaids, Whiplash and American Sniper

New Comics on the Shelf, DC Convergence #7, Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #1, Suicide Squad #1 and #2 of Convergence, #2 Superman Adventures of Convergence and finally Guardians Team Up #2 (Thanks to OJ)

After the break I tell you just how far those cute hobbitses travelled, ISIS execute a man with a bazooka, Women are getting paid for raising their kids by the fathers with bonuses

Also we discuss our preferences for block subscriptions (Nerd Block, Marvel Collector Corps, Lootcrate) and here is how you can order at McDonalds if you’re a pro!

just how far those cute hobbitses travelled, ISIS execute a man with a bazooka, Women are getting paid for raising their kids by the fathers with bonuses

Mason’s New Hulbuster Iron Man / Iron Man Mashable Hero with Wolverine!



Hope you enjoy the podcast, come back tomorrow for Reel Music!



Ehnother Podcast S3E29 – Everywhere A Douche

Hello everyone, welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us over at Ehnother Podcast! This week OJ and I sit down and talk about my birthday spectacular. What a surprise it was actually! Everyone dressed up in hero costumes!

And may I say everyone who thought me buying a selfie stick was funny and stupid. Well it came in handy didn’t it? Some people who originally made fun of me for getting it, went out and got one that night. The hero shelf got updated with some of the awesome gifts people brought. As you can see below.

New comics on the shelf are Secret Wars 1 and 2 and Convergence number 6. I would also like to show you what I was talking about. People say DC is dark in their films and such. I am finding Secret Wars very dark in colour. Also it lacks any real thought and imagination. More on that in the podcast. Also new on the DVD shelf is Wedding Ringer.

We also talk a little bit about deflategate, and as a fan of the New England Patriots what does that mean for me.

Halfway point in the show we talk some news and hand out the douche awards to which there are lots. Here are the news articles below that we pulled stuff from.

Phone scammers try new tactics, Vote for Kimberly Chaisson, Clyde River grads denied trip to Europe, Paraguay man arrested for rape of his step-daughter who is 10 years old, Weather grounded Orillia OPP chopper Sudbury residence worried, Southwest crew doesn’t let wife call her suicidal husband, NJ Governor Chris Christie spends thousands of dollars of tax payers money at NFL games, Exposing bad customer service, Florida man turns himself in for murdering his imaginary friend, Pranksters plant tree on baseball field, Sony’s new 4k projector, BB-8 is real, New bridge linking Detroit and Windsor to be named after Gordie Howe, Jetpack to make you like falcon exists.

Thanks for listening, come back tomorrow for Reel Music!


Ehnother Podcast S03E28 – Birthday Weekend

Hello everyone! Welcome to an all new episode from all of us at Ehnother Podcast! OJ is back this week, we talk comics and the new additions to the super shelf! It’s my birthday weekend and I did get some more items for it which we will cover next week!

I tell OJ about my new WiiU and he tells us about the new Disney Infinity 3.0 to be released later this year.  Then we talk a little bit about some more random things. And then we jump right into the news and we hand out the douche awards! A suspicious male in Sudbury, woman and man try to smuggle 8 year old into Spain, guys are showing their manginas and to cap off the show 23 reminders of what the world was like in the year 1997! Hope you enjoy the show, come back tomorrow for Reel Music! Also here is the story for Ancient China discovers the new world way before Columbus!