Reel Music Episode 89

(Recorded LIVE August 9, 2014 on CKLU) This Week James and OJ are joined by Bruno. We talk Movies, Trailers and “A FIGHTING MAN”. Bruno’s Favorite Movie The first movie Bruno remembers as a kid TRAILER TALK DVD BLUesday COMING SOON NOW PLAYING BOX OFFICE #1 – August 8-10, 2014 SHPH

Reel Music Episode 73

(Recorded LIVE April 19, 2014 on CKLU) Welcome to Ehnother week of REEL MUSIC. James and OJ share their views on the latest movies and comic book tv shows. We even start a NEW segment “Movies on Vinyl”. Don’t forget, you can listen to this weekly show LIVE every Saturday (1-3pm) on MUSIC PLAYEDContinue reading “Reel Music Episode 73”

Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 71 … Marvel will NOT buckle!

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #71… Captain America: The Winter Soldier holds off a flock of birds to claim the #1 spot in the box office. In this week’s episode I give you your comic book releases for the week of April 16th, 2014. We delve into the world of rumors and facts aboutContinue reading “Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 71 … Marvel will NOT buckle!”

Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Episode 12(Week 14)

So once again I am coming to you from Ireland, but the other two regulars are still back home in Canada. This is Episode 12 of NFL Pick ‘Em and we are making our picks for Week 14 of the NFL Season. A season that has seen its fair share of ups and downs, badContinue reading “Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Episode 12(Week 14)”

Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Episode 5 (Week 7)

It’s Week 7 in the NFL and this is Episode 5 of our NFL Pick ‘Em show. This episode we go OG and it is just Tyler and I making the picks and providing fun and entertaining … albeit amateur analysis… hey, we do our best lol. Hope you are enjoying the show, and rememberContinue reading “Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Episode 5 (Week 7)”