Warlock Wednesday Episode 193 – New Beginnings

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: Warlock Wednesday Episode #193! This week I am sad to announce that my first ever comic book store is moving on. It’s been sold and will be transforming over the course of the next few months/years. I talk about this early on, so be sure to check it out. Lots ofContinue reading “Warlock Wednesday Episode 193 – New Beginnings”

Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 92 … Sinus Cold Edition :(

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #92… I am SO sorry this podcast may come off a bit… bad. I had a sinus cold which REALLY sucks. However, I recorded anyways and I do hope you enjoy. First of all, Guardians of the Galaxy continues to dominate the Summer and 2014 Box Office. A lotContinue reading “Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 92 … Sinus Cold Edition :(“

Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 45

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #45. Welcome to ehnother week of Warlock Wednesday in just 7 weeks it will be a year that I have been doing this. I will even have some episodes recorded from the Emerald Isle as I visit my Girlfriend in Dublin, Ireland… But lets get to this episode. IContinue reading “Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 45”

Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 39

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wpAWHhBFyQ] Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #39. This weeks show is a tad light on news, but the news is always delivered in an entertaining way. A lot of casting announcements as well has rumours. Not only rumours about upcoming things, but even debunking rumours. Huge announcements on the Fifty Shades of Grey movieContinue reading “Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 39”