Reel Music S06E21 – #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

REEL MUSIC S06E21 – Recorded LIVE April 28, 2018 #MoviesOnVinyl #TrailerTalk #DVDuesday #NowPlaying #AtTheIMAX #BoxOffice No. 1 – April 27-19, 2018 #SHPH #UnboxingWithOJ

Reel Music S06E16 – #RememberMe

Reel Music S06E16 was recorded LIVE March 3, 2018 #DVDuesday #TrailerTalk #MoviesOnVinyl #ComingSoon – Starting Thursday at SilverCity – #AWrinkleInTime #StrangersPreyAtNight #HurricaneHeist – Starting Friday at Downtown Movie Lounge – #Gringo #Thoroughbreds #NowPlaying – #DeathWish #BoxOffice No. 1 – March 2-4, 2018 #BlackPanther #UnboxingWithOJ – #CollectorCorps #AnimalInstinct

Reel Music S06E15 – #ThisIsMe

Reel Music S06E15 was recorded LIVE February 24, 2018 from the CKLU Studios in the Heart of Downtown Sudbury. Bringing you the week late box office numbers, some current old news and a Review from Ray. The Oscars are around the corner, so on the LIVE broadcast we played all 5 nominated Best Songs (seeContinue reading “Reel Music S06E15 – #ThisIsMe”

Reel Music S06E13 – #AllHailTheKing

Reel Music S05E13 was Recorded LIVE February 17, 2018 from CKLU 96.7 fm | Sorry for the lateness of this post. Can’t sit very long on my desk chair. This week on the show I had another co-worker stop by and talk movies and stuff. #MoviesOnVinyl #TrailerTalk #ComingSoon – Starting Friday at SilverCity SudburyContinue reading “Reel Music S06E13 – #AllHailTheKing”

Reel Music S06E12 – #TheDoOver

Reel Music S06E12 was recorded LIVE February 10, 2018 at the CKLU Studio in the Heart of Downtown Sudbury. This week in the studio I talk with co-worker Peter from everything from Movies to Trailers. #MoviesOnVinyl #DVDuesday #TrailerTalk #ComingSoon – Starting Friday at SilverCity Sudbury #SAMSON – Starting Friday at Downtown Movie Lounge #LadyBird #NowPlayingContinue reading “Reel Music S06E12 – #TheDoOver”

Reel Music S06E11 – #RaidingTombs

REEL MUSIC S06E11 was recorded LIVE January 20, 2018 from the CKLU Studios in Downtown Sudbury. #TrailerTalk #DVDuesday #NowPlaying #AtTheIMAX #ComingsSoon – January 26, 2018 – SilverCity Sudbury – Downtown Movie Lounge #BoxOffice No. 1 – Jan 19-21, 2018 #SHPH #UnboxingWithOJ

Reel Music S06E08 – Happy Holidays

Recorded LIVE December 23, 2017 from the CKLU Studios in Downtown Sudbury (That’s in Canada) A lot of things have changed since this show was LIVE on CKLU. I was going to release this podcast on Christmas Day. So without further ado here is our Holiday Special of Reel Music. ***COMING SOON*** UNBOXING with OJContinue reading “Reel Music S06E08 – Happy Holidays”

Reel Music S06E07 – Monthly Visitor

REEL MUSIC S06E07 was recorded LIVE December 9, 2017 from the CKLU Studio in Downtown Sudbury. This week our hero is joined by a very special guest. We still got your old box office number, but it’s still fun reading them. Listen as I forgot how to read and remember things. Got some recasting newsContinue reading “Reel Music S06E07 – Monthly Visitor”

Reel Music S06E05 – A Wreck Like The Edmund Fitzgerald

Reel Music S06E05 was recorded LIVE November 11, 2017 on CKLU in the heart of Downtown Sudbury. This week OJ shares some old box office numbers, movie news, whats coming soon and whats coming to dvd. Enjoy.

Reel Music S06E04 – Blow At High Dough

Reel Music S06E04 was recorded LIVE October 21, 2017 from CKLU in the heart of Downtown Sudbury. In this broadcast that was LIVE throughout the Sudbury radio airwaves, I read some box office numbers, mention what is playing where and some upcoming movies just in time for the halloween season. All this after I cryContinue reading “Reel Music S06E04 – Blow At High Dough”