Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 115 … Spider-Man is Coming HOME!! Make Mine Marvel!!

Spider-Man Comes Home1

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Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #115!
This week’s show is a monster show. All your normal information is here including: comic book releases, box office numbers, new releases coming out this week, entertainment news and of course the favourite “Super Hero Movie Time”. Major news in the comic book world, as it pertains to DC and the New 52. Along with all your entertainment news, we lost 2 members of the entertainment world in the past week in this week’s edition of Tinseltown Stiffs. Also, your BAFTA and Grammy Award winners are announced. At the end of Super Hero Movie Time is the biggest and most important news of the week. Spider-Man is coming home!!
Awards Season ContinuesIn sports, a few notes from the NFL. Updating the Adrian Peterson story, Seahawks Championship gear goes to charity and an NFL player gets a second chance. The NHL news sees a trade and what I believe will be the retirement of a goalie. As well, the NHL 3 Stars of the week. Finally the show wraps up with a new announcement of who is going into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame. Plus, my thoughts on who is being shoved down my throat in the WWE and I am sick of it.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!


From Left to Right: Ant-Man, Atom, Iron Man
From Left to Right:
Ant-Man, Atom, Iron Man

The Ballad of Nien Nunb
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Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 111 … Awards Season has Begun!!

Awards SeasonEhnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #111
This week’s show is a complete mess… well not really. I forgot things, mis-read things and mis-spoke a heck of a lot. However, I managed to piece together the whole show and it is a big one. Awards season is under way with the results from the People’s Choice Awards and the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards. Along with that: Casting and directing rumours, comic book news and even TV renewels for the Fall Season. All that and more in the
entertainment section of this week’s show.
In sports, two good news stories about very classy teams. Also, all the updates about the
coaching vacancies in the NFL. A recap of the winners from the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs and who is still standing going into the AFC and NFC Championships. I have a bit of rant about why I hate the Patriots, and most of its Bandwagon jumping fans. “What have you done for me lately?” Also, your NHL 3 Stars of the week and NFL Hall of Fame Finalists are here. NHL is getting close to the All-Star Game as well, which means we are getting to the best part of the NHL season.
Hope you enjoy the show, see you next week!

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5 Year Old Girl Comments on Slave Leia Bikini

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Warlock Wednesday Episode 95 … Deadpool Confirmed!!

Deadpool CoverEhnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #95…
In this week’s show I am a little excited about a few things, but still I have fun bringing you the weekly updates from some of your favourite movies, TV shows and even some comic book news. Futures End continues for DC and I once again address my sadness for Marvel killing off my all time favourite comic book character, Wolverine. In movie news there is a new #1 in the box office numbers and a couple of directors leave some movies. Casting news, director news and TV show news abound in this weeks show. PLUS my biggest news is that there was finally a confirmation from Fox Studios about a movie that NEEDS to be made… properly?
Sadly, we have a death to report in the world of sports. Former Tennessee Titans Kicker, Rob Bironas, passed away in a car crash this past weekend. He was just 36 years old, and he will be missed. Baseball is rounding up the season as by the end of this weekend the season is over. NFL season is only 3 weeks old, and there are 3 teams with a perfect 3 and 0 record… and its not the teams you would expect. Wrapping up the show this week are the results of my WWE Night of Champions predictions. Prediction wise, I didn’t do great, but when it came to the wrestlers I was rooting for… much better.
Hope you enjoy the show, and see you next week!

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Deadpool Test Footage (again)

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Ehnother Podcast Episode 93 – The Doug Gilmour Episode

Hello everyone, welcome to Ehnother Podcast and an all new week of Podcasting from all of us at Ehnother Podcast! This is the last week that OJ will be with me for a while. The next few weeks I will be all by myself and sometime in September we will be back together again. This year we haven’t missed an episode and we are all going strong! You will notice at the top of the page there is a page dedicated to the Ehnother Podcast NFL pickem league, go sign up now! You will hear the add in the podcast. Now onto the episode.

We don’t officially talk Doug Gilmour but being episode 93 I named it Doug Gilmour! Hey why not we didn’t have a douche bag award, only some really cool stuff, just like Dougie!

WE open the episode with some amazing kids playing a 46 and 2 song by Tool.

We talk about my action figures on the shelf and dream of when the youngest moves out to make a proper Podcast Studio. I am working on plans now! It should be no time before she is all done school and living the good life, and her bedroom get’s converted into either a grandkid bedroom or a podcast studio. I am sure that it will actually be a grandkid bedroom. That being said I am hoping to upgrade my Superman 30″ tall one to a Man of Steel! We talk about the Incredible Hulk getting tattoos which would be awesome, but thinking about it he couldn’t because his blood is radiated. Superheroes and their sponsors,  Go to this link if you want a Deadpool Movie! Dan Le Betard’s billboard in Akron Ohio (ESPN has no sense of humour), Zack Snyder calls into a Detriot radio station to defend Aquaman? You can now legally lick Shania Twain! Canada’s Wonderland is shutting down the standup roller coaster! Little Noah Ritter (video below), A human fooseball table (video below) and a kid who has the voice of an Angel (video below).

Thanks for listening!