Reel Music S04E08

(Recorded LIVE November 28, 2015) Here’s what we got got you. Box Office News, DVDuesday, Trailer Talk, Coming Soon, AND Super Hero Power Hour. During Trailer Talk I did misread the release date for Civil War. The correct date is May 6, 2016. MOVIES on VINYL DVDUESDAY TRAILER TALK COMING SOON NOW PLAYING BOX OFFICEContinue reading “Reel Music S04E08”

Reel Music S04E07 – Playing With The Boys

(Recorded LIVE November 21, 2015) After a some time, your heroes of movies and pop culture are BACK! James and Rayzor go at it in the “Review Showdown of the Century”. Trailer Talk is HUGE. DVDuesday & SHPH are also here. Enjoy! MOVIES ON VINYL TRAILER TALK NOW PLAYING COMING SOON DVDUESDAY BOX OFFICE #1Continue reading “Reel Music S04E07 – Playing With The Boys”

Reel Music S04E06 – Allhalloween Edition

Recorded LIVE October 31, 2015 on CKLU This week OJ invited Zombie Rob to sit in James’ place. We talked movies, Star Wars and some possible movie ideas. Rob has got this great Colouring Book for Adults over on Kickstarter. Trailer Talk, DVDuesday, Events, and some Super Hero Power Hour. Enjoy. Rob Sacchetto’s World ofContinue reading “Reel Music S04E06 – Allhalloween Edition”

Reel Music S04E05

(Recorded LIVE from CKLU on October 24, 2015) Howdy Folk!! Like Blood? Games? Movies? Well come listen to OJ play dinner host to Brad and Sean from the recent Northern Gaming Expo (Past Tense). We all share our thoughts on Games, Movie Trailers, Star Wars and even Tim Horton’s hockey cards. Enjoy! MOVIES ON VINYLContinue reading “Reel Music S04E05”

Reel Music S04E04

(Recorded LIVE from CKLU on October 10, 2015) Come enjoy Ehnother week of movie talk with OJ and James. All the segments are here, DVDuesday, Trailer Talk, Movie Review, and even SUPER HERO POWER HOUR. MOVIES ON VINYL TRAILER TALK NOW PLAYING BOX OFFICE #1 – October 9-11, 2015 COMING SOON SHPH

Reel Music S04E03 – The FilmFather

(Recorded LIVE October 3, 2015 from CKLU) Welcome to Ehnother Reel Music (Minus the Music. LOL) This week James does a new opening for the show and OJ is now the Film-Father. We rescue Matt Damon from Mars, you get some Constantine News in SHPH and we give you an update on Uncle Joe. HopeContinue reading “Reel Music S04E03 – The FilmFather”

Reel Music S04E02

(Recorded LIVE September 26, 2015 for CKLU) This week on the show I share a lot of trailers and previews. I even have an interview for you all to listen to. Click and Enjoy. Stay tuned tomorrow for Warlock Wednesday.

Reel Music #127

Recorded for August 22, 2015 It’s been a while. This one was to be posted last tuesday. Better late then never. MUSIC PLAYED ON LIVE SHOW NOW PLAYING COMING SOON TRAILER TALK DVD BLUESDAY BOX OFFICE #1 – AUGUST 21-23, 2015 EVENTS CLASSIC FILM SERIES – REAR WINDOW – SEPT 13 & 21, 2015 ROGERContinue reading “Reel Music #127”

Reel Music Episode 126 – Comie-Con Edition

(Recorded LIVE on CKLU July 11, 2015) James and OJ are Back in the CKLU Studio for Enhother LIVE show. First we pay respect to some recent deaths in Hollywood and one close to home (Listen as OJ can’t talk about it). We share with you some old Box Office numbers (The Warlock will updateContinue reading “Reel Music Episode 126 – Comie-Con Edition”

Reel Music Episode 125 – PARTY ON JAMES

(Recorded June 27, 2015) Can’t remember what was said. So enjoy the show!