Reel Music Episode 40

(Recorded LIVE July 20, 2013 on CKLU 96.7 FM / Here it is folks! REEL MUSIC’s BIG 4-OH! For this special episode, James and OJ were joined by Rob “Zombie Portraits” Sacchetto. We try to share some movie news and ended up taking a call from Katka with the origin of my dad’s nickname.Continue reading “Reel Music Episode 40”

Ehnother Podcast Episode 40

Hey everyone welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at This episode is very special I sat down with my co-worker Tibor and we discussed his arrival and process of entering Canada from another country, his home land of Hungary. We discussed so much a few weeks ago that IContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast Episode 40”