Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 204 – R.I.P. Jessie

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: Warlock Wednesday Episode #204! This week was a bit of a tough show to get through. This past weekend my girlfriend and I had no choice but to put one of our cats to sleep. She had been suffering, and while it was the humane thing to do, it’s never easyContinue reading “Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 204 – R.I.P. Jessie”

Reel Music S04E14 – Finish Your Tweet

(Recorded LIVE from the CKLU Studios – January 30, 2016) Travel with OJ and James as they take you into the world of movies. For a brief moment they even go back in time. We share Movie News, Trailers, BLU-rays and even squeeze in some Super Hero TV talk. RIP ABE VIGODA #GDFF2016 – FEBContinue reading “Reel Music S04E14 – Finish Your Tweet”

Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 117 … Worst and Best Movies of 2014 (Razzies and Oscars)

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #117! This week’s show is star studded… well not really. However, I do have the best and worst of 2014 as the Razzie Awards and the Oscars were handed out this past weekend. Along with all your normal news, including: Comic book releases, box office report, new releases inContinue reading “Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 117 … Worst and Best Movies of 2014 (Razzies and Oscars)”

Reel Music Episode 25

(Recorded LIVE March 9, 2013) Howdy Folks, Welcome back for ehnother week of movie talk with OJ. This week I share some news on OZ, Poltergeist, Clerks 3, and a weeky dose of Star Wars news. Also Trailer Talk, Bluesday and Super Hero Power Hero. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for Ehnother Great Podcast,Continue reading “Reel Music Episode 25”

Reel Music Episode 7

Hey friends, it’s your old pal James here with another Reel Music episode, OJ worked hard this week and brought it to the Radio this week. I can’t remember exactly what big news we talked about but it had something to do with STAR WARS, and George Lucas. So we hope you enjoy the episodeContinue reading “Reel Music Episode 7”