Ehnother Podcast Episode 52

Hello ehnother podcast friends, here is number 52! yes a whole year of podcasts has finally arrived, and next week we can start The New NEW 52. I don’t want to get in trouble with DC so maybe I will change that however. I hope you like today’s podcast. OJ and I sat down. AndContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast Episode 52”

Ehnother Podcast Episode 50

Hello everyone, welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at OJ and I sat down and actually recorded this time. Imagine that! A world where my recording device actually works! OJ and I sit down and I try to make OJ laugh because he has a sore back and IContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast Episode 50”

Ehnother Podcast Episode 41

Hey everyone OJ and I are back in the saddle again. After missing a week (actually not posting) has set me back a few weeks, and now OJ is within striking distance! But we sat down and had a little chat about super heros, How does Superman Shave?  I personally voted for Kevin Smith’s it wasContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast Episode 41”

Sunday Syndication Show: Is This Thing On? Episode 177

Today is Sunday the end of the week, so here is the start to a beautiful series comming to us from Nick Tann put together a great episode this week. Check out for all the artists featured on the podcast this week. Like all his stuff, and let’s show him a lot of love. “Thanks to myContinue reading “Sunday Syndication Show: Is This Thing On? Episode 177”

Thursday Syndication Show – Is This Thing On Podcast Episode 176

Hey Ehnother Podcast listeners, you know I am doing my darndest to make this a NETWORK. Well I have decided to reach out beyond the borders! Mostly because my own kin folk (CANADIANS) don’t want to seem to PODCAST FOR FUCKING FREE! I take care of everything you just do the work! Imagine a conceptContinue reading “Thursday Syndication Show – Is This Thing On Podcast Episode 176”