Ehnother Podcast – Years of Futures Past

Welcome everyone to an all new Ehnother Podcast! This week OJ is here to talk some random things. The start of the show is in honour of OJs team the Tampa Bay Lightning and their game seven win over the New York Rangers, then we talk about our weeks, OJ’s car is back and all the normal stuff like action figures. How the wind is making mine fall off the shelf. And my office move. We talk the new comics I got last week (Conergence #8 of 8, Shazam Convergence #2 of 2 and Guardians Team up #5). I then tell you why I am loving Marvel more than DC at the moment and it’s not the reason you may think, we jump into a new segment and tell you some of the new comics that are coming out mostly on the part of DC Comics for the month of June there are a few number ones and resets that we would like to get our hands on. You can see the DC Comics list here and the Marvel Comics list here! As always we would like to remind you to listen to Warlock Wednesdays for all your comic needs the week they come out! Also if you would like to know more about Midnighter then you can do that here!

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Ehnother Podcast S03E30 – Everyone Cheats

If you want to hear a podcast about how James thinks that there is more colour in DC Convergence than there is in Secret Wars then this is the podcast for you! Also on the show you will hear how everyone in baseball is allegedly still cheaters.

New DVDs on the shelf are Bridesmaids, Whiplash and American Sniper

New Comics on the Shelf, DC Convergence #7, Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #1, Suicide Squad #1 and #2 of Convergence, #2 Superman Adventures of Convergence and finally Guardians Team Up #2 (Thanks to OJ)

After the break I tell you just how far those cute hobbitses travelled, ISIS execute a man with a bazooka, Women are getting paid for raising their kids by the fathers with bonuses

Also we discuss our preferences for block subscriptions (Nerd Block, Marvel Collector Corps, Lootcrate) and here is how you can order at McDonalds if you’re a pro!

just how far those cute hobbitses travelled, ISIS execute a man with a bazooka, Women are getting paid for raising their kids by the fathers with bonuses

Mason’s New Hulbuster Iron Man / Iron Man Mashable Hero with Wolverine!



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Ehnother Podcast S03E28 – Birthday Weekend

Hello everyone! Welcome to an all new episode from all of us at Ehnother Podcast! OJ is back this week, we talk comics and the new additions to the super shelf! It’s my birthday weekend and I did get some more items for it which we will cover next week!

I tell OJ about my new WiiU and he tells us about the new Disney Infinity 3.0 to be released later this year.  Then we talk a little bit about some more random things. And then we jump right into the news and we hand out the douche awards! A suspicious male in Sudbury, woman and man try to smuggle 8 year old into Spain, guys are showing their manginas and to cap off the show 23 reminders of what the world was like in the year 1997! Hope you enjoy the show, come back tomorrow for Reel Music! Also here is the story for Ancient China discovers the new world way before Columbus! 


Ehnother Podcast S03E27 – Speeding Tickets

In this weeks episode I tell you about my speeding ticket, break down round two of the NBA playoffs, a Florida man had sex with a pitbutll, and my very brief review of Avengers Age of Ultron. More on that on Reel Music next week! And my unboxing of Marvel Collector Corps. 



Ehnother Podcast S03E25 – Do You Bleed?

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay on posting the episode. It’s been a crazy weekend. You will have to listen this week to see what the items are about. Come back tomorrow for Reel Music with OJ and myself who assulted the Sudbury airwaves on CKLU! Enjoy!


Ehnother Podcast S03E22 – Future Shopping in Canada

Hello everyone welcome to Monday and Ehnother Podcast for all your entertainment needs! This week OJ tries the Easter Egg donut from Tim Hortons. We then talk a whole bunch of stuff like our non-existant sponsors. OJ’s working on some projects. Also he will be working on THC+ once funding is in. Go to the website check it out and go visit their donation site! We then talk a few things like Kevin Smith and his possible movie shooting schedule! New BluRay on the shelf this week is The Hobbit the Battle of the 5 Armies.

Of course it came with my favourite digital copy of UltraViolet! They really are the premier digital copy company! Really it’s all because of Flixter and their awesome service that this is actually the best ever!

We are also awaiting our boxes for April. OJ is still subscribing to Nerd Block and once the Canadian dollar is within 5 cents I will be doing the same thing from time to time. I am subscribed to Marvel Collector Corps and I am super excited! We highly recommend both! Go subscribe take our words for it!

Then we jump into the news and OJ breaks the news that Future Shop is being shut down in Canada. Some of the stores will transition into Best Buy. Best Buy and Future Shop are actually the same company. I am sure more on this will be told in the news for all Canadians and how the job loss and other fallouts will affect us. We’ve already been hit hard by the 17,000+ job losses by Target and now Future Shop is adding to that. Locally in Sudbury our store remained strong when the news broke! We feel for all of you and hope you can find jobs fast and not suffer any loss.

Then we jump into how Tim Hortons has some very unknown rules when it comes to roll ups for the major prizes. The whole human race gets the douche award for being assholes to eachother! A German Wings pilot takes down a whole plane filled with people. We talk about some movie news Ryan Reynolds tweeted a photo of his Deadpool costume! And it is siiiiiicccckkkkkkkkkkkk!

We then talk some trailers the one trailer is from the movie Southpaw it looks really good!

We then play the Spectre Teaser for James Bond which looks splendid! I think Daniel Craig is the best Bond of all time!

And we also played at some point in the Show some Grahm Logic, this comes from our friends over at the Say What Podcast and if you’re not subscribed you should be! Also Subscribe to their youtube channel! And do yourself a favour and go subscribe to Tom, Chase, Grahm, GrahmLogic and the Say What Podcast Twitter feeds!

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Ehnother Podcast S03E21 – Unprepared

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new Ehnother Podcast, OJ is here safe from the dentist and he is a little sore but we bare down and do a little show. OJ’s dad was also in the hospital for a week and today the day of this release he gets to go home! So we will wish him all the best! Now OJ and I talked about a whole bunch of stuff and I honestly can’t remember what it was? Bad of me right? I know we did talk about our weeks and my disappointment that I can’t give Mason what I would like to give him for Christmas this year! We went to Costco and got a Mario Kart! Sadly he is a little too young to use this even at Christmas or the next Christmas as well.

WE put together some more McFarlane Walking dead figures. I got two Daryl Dixions…..I only needed one. I would give one to Kelsey however I will just keep the other one. Unless she brings me cupcakes…. That leads me into my diet and my fit bit. No CUPCAKES for a long time! Sorry Kelsey! You can’t have my other brother Daryl! Tom Davin from the Say What Podcast is running a little let’s get healthy challenge! I joined it and so can you! Go download the Lose It app (free in app stores) go and install it, put in your stats and go! Watch what you eat and get healthy! After you sign up go into the Challenges and look for the Say What Podcast challenge! If you have a FitBit like we do it will also help you track many things like your calories, steps and much much more! Go do it! You don’t need a FitBit just get the Lose It App and let’s get healthy together! More on that will be hitting your earholes very very soon!

We then talk a little bit of the news, a woman from Australia gets drunk and gets severe frost bite in Saskatchewan! Cat Island in Japan! And our very new favourite cooking channel!

Well that is all for now come back tomorrow for a special Reel Music recorded in the Ehnother Podcast Studios!


Ehnother Podcast S03E20 – Marvel Collector Corps

Hello everyone, OJ is back and we have an great show for you this week! His mic is on this time and we dive right into our weeks and I ask OJ why he hates the dentist! After that I tell OJ that Alanis Morissette’s album Jagged Little Pill is 20 freaking years old! Check it out below but do yourself a favour and go purchase the album! She is by far the best Canadian Rocker of all time!

Then we dive into where the heck OJ got his dancing Groot which he was keeping a secret for a while! You can get them on Amazon, but if you live in Canada HMV will be the place for you to go! We then talk Marvel Collector Corps and their great new box of collectables being sent out every two months. Go sign up if you can! Hey who knows maybe we can get them to sponsor the show! Superman and the rest of DC is getting a makeover and it’s not for the better! What are you doing DC? Here is Superman and his friends! We also cover the douche of the week which is a Kuwaiti preacher looking to rip down some history in the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx.  Also we talk some updated NFL draft order get the list here! The insane Apple iWatch and so much more! Get it all here on Ehnother Podcast or on iTunes look for us there! Every week!

We also would love to get Drone Malone on the show and OJ would love to meet him / her to ask for some help! Here is an awesome video of our home town!


Come back tomorrow for Reel Music and also on there we reveal who the Hero of the week is!