Ehnother Podcast – Pinkeye

Hello everyone, in this episode OJ has pink eye! We discuss our new comic books that we have procured over the past few weeks. Also the newest movie to be added to the DVD shelf is Furious 7! On Reel Music OJ gave me Lost After Dark so that is now on there as well!Continue reading “Ehnother Podcast – Pinkeye”

How We Spent our Summer Vaction

Wow, seems like it’s been forever since OJ and James were together rocking the Podcast! They’re back telling you all about their holidays, and discuss some new comics and action figures that are out. Some of the old features are there like what’s new on the DVD shelf. And it’s been a while but theContinue reading “How We Spent our Summer Vaction”

Ehnother Podcast – Sensitive Subject

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new podcast this week from all of us at Ehnother Podcast. This podcast was a tough conversation. Before I tell you what happened you will have to hear a little bit about our week and such. New comics (Red Hood Arsenal #2) and new DVDs on the shelf (GetContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast – Sensitive Subject”

Ehnother Podcast S03E30 – Everyone Cheats

If you want to hear a podcast about how James thinks that there is more colour in DC Convergence than there is in Secret Wars then this is the podcast for you! Also on the show you will hear how everyone in baseball is allegedly still cheaters. New DVDs on the shelf are Bridesmaids, WhiplashContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast S03E30 – Everyone Cheats”

Reel Music Episode 113

(Recorded LIVE February 28, 2015 on CKLU) OJ and James come prepared this week. We got your movies news from Sudbury to Hollywood. We share our memories of Mr. Spock. Some happens and we don’t realized the studio is haunted. OJ even shows off his hard work and surprizes James with the Trailer for BvS.Continue reading “Reel Music Episode 113”

Ehnother Podcast Episode 71

Hey everyone, welcome to ehnother GREAT week of podcasting right here at! In today’s show OJ and I get down to the nitty gritty! We talk about some weird news where some twins share everything, including a boyfriend! They have taken some great lengths to look exactly the same. Some Gypsies assult a guyContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast Episode 71”