NFL Talk Plus Episode 28 – NFC South Talk

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: NFL Talk Plus Episode 28! This week Keith and I have a bit of fun as we discuss the limited news that did occur over the past week. There was a year long suspension handed down, plus we now have a new highest paid player in the NFL… at least onContinue reading “NFL Talk Plus Episode 28 – NFC South Talk”

This Week in Sports Episode 22 – Brady is DENIED!!

Ehnother Podcast presents This Week in Sports Episode 22! Beginning the show once more with NFL Talk with Keith. We have a couple of news items for you, but most importantly Tom Brady gets DENIED! After the couple of news drops, we get into the NFC South and discuss whether or not Carolina can repeatContinue reading “This Week in Sports Episode 22 – Brady is DENIED!!”

Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 85 … Fantastic Fiasco

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #85… This week’s episode has many announcements from the world of entertainment. Casting announcements, writers and directors announced and of course some movies get announced. The Box Office numbers kind of surprised me, but still I am not afraid to admit that I was wrong in my prediction. ThereContinue reading “Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 85 … Fantastic Fiasco”