Reel Music #128

(Recorded LIVE from CKLU September 5, 2015) GIVEAWAY TIME!!! With this being out Season 3 Finale and September 1 saw the release of “LOST AFTER DARK”, we decided to giveaway a DVD copy of #LAD. No one called in. So I guess everyone got a copy. I still have a DVD of #LAD to giveContinue reading “Reel Music #128”

Reel Music #127

Recorded for August 22, 2015 It’s been a while. This one was to be posted last tuesday. Better late then never. MUSIC PLAYED ON LIVE SHOW NOW PLAYING COMING SOON TRAILER TALK DVD BLUESDAY BOX OFFICE #1 – AUGUST 21-23, 2015 EVENTS CLASSIC FILM SERIES – REAR WINDOW – SEPT 13 & 21, 2015 ROGERContinue reading “Reel Music #127”

Ehnother Podcast Episode 43

Heyoh Ehveryone OJ and I are back to discuss a whole bunch of stuff. We bring you some funny this week and an Advert? Oh heck yes! I told OJ I found 17 or 18 episodes of my old Podcast The Rambling Canadian which at some point in time will be added to the showsContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast Episode 43”