Ehnother 70G

Welcome to the show! Sorry for the non-Monday release of the show! In this episode my wife and I talk about one of my favourite Hip Hop Artists who I know in real life! Chezza has a new album! Check out the 7-O-G: The Ascension Story  You can hear the album there for free orContinue reading “Ehnother 70G”

Reel Music S07E21 – #iZombie

Reel Music S07E21 was recorded LIVE March 30, 2019, from CKLU Studios in the Heart of Downtown Sudbury. #MoviesOnVinyl #TrailerTalk #ComingSoon – April 4 – #SudburyIndieCinema #Goalie – April 5 – #SilverCity #PetSematary #UltraAVX – April 5 – #DowntownMovieLounge #FallsAroundHer – April Weekends – #SudburyIMAX #SpiderMan #IntoTheSpiderVerse #BoxOffice Number 1 – March 29-31, 2019 #SHPH

Ehnother Podcast Episode 25

Happy Monday Ehveryone! We are at Episode 25, and after some amazing podcasts I can be honest, that somewhere around the 1 hour mark the wheels fall off. But you may enjoy the podcast anyway! But please come back tomorrow to listen to Reel Music! And a better Episode!