Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Episode 4 (Week 6)

Ehnother week of NFL Pick ‘Em. This is the 4th episode and we discuss last weeks picks which would be Week 5… and then… Tyler, Adam and I give our amateur analysis and picks for Week 6 of the 2013 NFL Season. Enjoy and come back every week for more picks. LINKS: NFL Pick ‘EmContinue reading “Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Episode 4 (Week 6)”

Warlock Hour Presents: A Twisted Hour with the Twisted Twins

This is an audio recording of the Soska Twins panel from FanExpo Canada 2013. They also had a special guest with them, Tristan Risk. This event took place in August and while I know its now October, I have been busy. However, here it is in it’s entirety. I will warn you, I laugh whenContinue reading “Warlock Hour Presents: A Twisted Hour with the Twisted Twins”

Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Episode 3 (Week 5)

Welcome to Week 5, Episode 3 of NFL Pick ‘Em. This week we have a little football 3-way. Joining Tyler and I in this weeks episode is Adam. We also have James’ picks written in and added in most of the time, might have missed some. However, his picks were very similar to mine. TylerContinue reading “Warlock Hour Presents: NFL Pick ‘Em Episode 3 (Week 5)”

Reel Music Episode 48

(Recorded LIVE September 21, 2013) Ehnother week of movie news and stuff with this weeks edition of REEL MUSIC. James and OJ get a call from Rayzor and discuss the latest. ALSO, Trailer Talk, Movie Reviews and of course Super Hero Power Hour. MUSIC PLAYED ON LIVE SHOW TRAILER TALK DVD BLUESDAY BOX OFFICE #1Continue reading “Reel Music Episode 48”

Reel Music Episode 44

(Recorded LIVE August 17, 2013 on CKLU 96.7 fm / http://www.cklu.ca) Back Again for Ehnother Tuesday of movie talk. This week we share with you a first EPN Crossover. Rayzor, from Warlock Wednesday, sits in the studio with James and OJ. We talked some movie reviews, Rayzor reviewed “THE ROCK” & James reviewed “OBLIVION”. SomeContinue reading “Reel Music Episode 44”

Ehnother Podcast Episode 47

Hello everyone welcome to ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at Ehnotherpodcast.com! This week OJ and I have some gold for you, from a Conan (Team Coco) we have a game review that is absolutely hilarious! Tomb Raider in the clueless gamer We also discussed a guy who caught his dad havingContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast Episode 47”

Ehnother Podcast Episode 42

Guess who’s back? Back again! OJ and James are back in a brand new episode! Yes that’s right Ehnother Podcast fans, we are back! We make some free funny for your and put the smack down on ehnother great episode after a few weeks hiatus! Big ups to Rayzor for keeping the Pirate ship afloatContinue reading “Ehnother Podcast Episode 42”