Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 210 – HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY!!

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: Warlock Wednesday Episode #210! Well today marks my 4 year anniversary of the podcast, and it ends up going up a tad late. Totally forgot to schedule the time for it to drop. However, here is the show. This week we do have some sad news as we do have someoneContinue reading “Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 210 – HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY!!”

Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 93 … Bills Have New Owner!!

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #93… Future’s End is well under way in the DC Comic Universe and 5 more #1’s get released this week. Meanwhile, Marvel continues to kill off my favourite character: Wolverine. In movie news we find that Ben Affleck is great at casting actor’s for his movies. September is neverContinue reading “Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 93 … Bills Have New Owner!!”