Ehnother 70G

Welcome to the show! Sorry for the non-Monday release of the show! In this episode my wife and I talk about one of my favourite Hip Hop Artists who I know in real life! Chezza has a new album! Check out the 7-O-G: The Ascension Story  You can hear the album there for free or you can buy it on iTunes or where ever you get music! Best $10 I ever spent (Plus I do him a solid and listen to it on Spotify to bump those numbers son!)

Go check out his IceBurgh Store as well for all the gear! I do have all the permission to use his song in the podcast! It’s nice having very talented friends in all sorts of walks of life!


Ehnother Podcast – A Dangerous Offender is Among Us


Hey all! Been a really long time! James sits down with his wife Terra and they go over what they have been up to and what has gone on in their lives as well as talking about someone they both know who was recently released from jail.

James’ childhood friend Michael Tomasik who was charged with child porn and then some other offences in the past few years. You can see the post here from the media here in Sudbury Ontario. Click HERE for the story.

Hope you enjoy the show, we will be back more frequently to use our voice for something good. Not sure what that will be but we are back baby!


Ehnother Podcast S04E08 – That’s a Wrap

Hi everyone! I am alone this week as OJ and I were working on a special youtube video. That should be up in a couple of few and when it is we will share it with you. I tell you about Maley Drive and how we need to do this for the betterment of our city. Some other things I tell you about are the Tianjin Explosion that happened in August of 2015 but footage started to make it’s way around the internet and it’s spectacular.

The warehouse where this happened was storing illegal amounts of dangerous chemicals.  173 people died during this massive explosion.

Do you want to know where the cast of Agents of Shield stand on Captain America vs Iron Man? Well here it is!

And last but certainly not least, legendary singer / songwriter Steve Young passed away and he was known by many fans of the Eagles for writing Seven Bridges Road. Below you will be able to hear the original version that Steve did and under that the live version with the 5 part harmonies that the Eagles did. That is all for this week come back Wednesday for Warlock Wednesday!


Ehnother Podcast – Rank Rewards

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new podcast this week! James is alone and he tells you about going to pick up his comics with OJ. What he forgot to tell you is that the window was broken at Comics North. Nothing was stolen though so it seems to be some sort of accident. It’s the cost of doing business in the down town core. James then tells you about the Pop-Art of Han Solo, a family poses by a casket to bring awareness to addiction, a Doctor wants to ban sex robots before they become a thing, how someone can steal your phone and some American girl who is seriously in need of some schooling. At the time of posting this James was waiting to see if he got Deadpool as a rank reward in Marvel Contest of Champions. He played hard, he played his heart out he totalled 629269 points. He figured out his synergies, he played through blood sweat and tears. Finished in the top FUCKING 10% and got DEADPOOL! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Well thanks for listening! Come back tomorrow for Reel Music with OJ!



Ehother Podcast S03E41 – The Commander

Hello everyone welcome to an all new episode from Ehnother Podcast! James has a great show in line for you. It’s Labour day and all James did was work and clean and do chores! He also found some time to record this little gem for you! We hope you like it and subscribe to all the feeds! They are all up and fresh on iTunes and soon to be stitcher and other feeds as well! Now onto the meat and potatoes of the show!

Join our NFL Pickem League right here! 

Commander Chris Hadfield is coming to Sudbury and James is super excited! He hopes he can meet him! Read the article here if you want more information and you live in Sudbury Ontario! If you just want to listen to and watch the video it is below!

James was disturbed by a stranger who beats a kid with a belt, you heard some of the video on the podcast here it is below! Leave your comments in the form below.

Kanye West as a comedian.

Montreal Police are looking for $10 million worth of stolen silver!  And finally James gives you the worlds tallest tree! 

Subscribe to all the feeds! Details will be available soon as we don’t have them at this time! Come back ya’ll!



Ehnother Podcast S03E39 – Burwash Prison

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new episode from Ehnother Podcast! James has been on holidays for the past few weeks and took a break from podcasting. It’s summer I think you will understand that things sometimes trump podcasting! That being said he took a trip with his wife and friends to an old abandoned prison near his hometown of Sudbury Ontario Canada. Burwash Prison was the name and minimum security prison was it’s game. Doesn’t mean it didn’t have it’s fair share of controversies! Give it a listen and a few mins into the actual recording see if you can hear what spooked his wife out! It’s audible. When James popped it into Audacity oddly enough he can hear it but he can’t see it at all. It’s really the strangest thing! Photos to follow! Enjoy the episode James and OJ will be back on Monday! PEACE!


Hard Times

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new Ehnother Podcast, this week I am by myself! I tell you why in the show. We are also splitting up the main podcast feed into seperate ones for convinience. More on that within the body of the show, however for all of you who love to get the shows all in one place! That will exist for you as well! I then tell you about the comics I have amassed this month so far. And you can see them below!

I always get a little upset when it’s said that I am more of a DC guy, by my count there are 6 Marvel ones there and 2 DC ones. Some people may really want to believe me when I say that I am a fan of both! In the collection this week month so far are the following:

Secret Wars 3 of8, Avengers VS #1, Infinity Gauntlet #1, Groot #1, X-Men Years of Futures Past #1, Guardians Team Up #6, Bat-Mite #1 of 6, Redhood Arsenal #1. More to come next week as I will be picking up Action Comics #41, Superman #41 and Deadpools Secret Secret Wars #2! Maybe do some research fellas! Pretty soon I will need a long box, I hope my grandson loves these one day! He can read them and they hopefully will have a connection to him that his Pops read them in the hopes that he would read them one day!

Then I jump into the Local news, A Sudbury couple went missing, one has been found deceased and they are still looking for his wife. Please read the stories and keep a lookout for Gail Lynds! Also a Sudbury boy was surprised when he was bitten by a muskie!

We had two terrible losses this past week, first off was the American Dream Dusty Rhodes at the age of 69! You may remember Dusty over the years, here is his Titan Tron entrance video!

And quite possibly the best promo to ever be cut by a super star!

Also on the very same day was Sir Christopher Lee! We learned on the Podcast there are 22 unknown facts you can find them here! And below is the awesome Christmas music he did a few years ago!

After the break we jump into the rest of the news!

Dave Grohl breaks a leg, Ernie Reyes Jr. needs a kidney, LeBron James goes balls out, service dog saves owner, college catcher elbows players as they try to score and so much more! Shia Labeouf inspires you videos

Surf Ninjas Trailer




Ehnother Podcast Episode 84 – 5 TIME!!!

Hello everyone, welcome to an all new episode of Ehnother Podcast I am James! This week I talk about the 2014 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs! I may live in Canada, but my team is in San Antonio! Has been since I was 10, and will be till the day I die! I may not have had any playoff hockey to watch thanks to my Leafs, but I did have awesome NBA playoffs to watch thanks to my Spurs, and FINALLY the big 3 douches are not NBA Champions! I also talk about high gas prices, Chelsee’s baby shower, how busy I have been and Orange is the New Black season 2, and Runner Runner mini reviews (just ratings).

I hope you like it!


Ehnother Podcast Episode 76

Hello everyone, welcome to Ehnother great week of podcasting from all of us at OJ and I sat down and dropped you a fresh episode worthy to go down in history as being as fresh as fresh can get. We kick things off with a couple of crazy stories from our home town of Sudbury Ontario. A man is attacked at a Tim Hortons bathroom downtown and they can’t catch the suspects. I don’t like downtown Sudbury and I mention that, OJ recalls a story from when he was working downtown. And then we jump into the other story that has people shaking their heads. A DOG Napper!

Antoine Dodson - Hide yo dogs, hide yo wife... There's a dog snatcher in Sudbury!

We then kick off the break with a fresh track from Nick Tann! Yes he sent me a track and I am more than happy to play a song from his album that will be coming out later this year. When it drops I will give you the link. I have heard songs from this album. And I can tell you it is great stuff. I am a HUGE Nick Tann Fann! So visit his page and see what he is up to. The track is called 3am! And when it drops you will be able to get it because I will promote this SHIT out of this album. Nick got me into podcasting and I owe him a life debt!

Now onto the stuff after the break!

Kids React to – The Walkman!

Great stuff that was, made me smile. And if you listen to Reel Music tomorrow *Spoiler* we try to use a record player. It almost felt like those kids for a moment. I want a record player now!

Someone is handing out pamphlets for Jews to register in the Ukraine. Now this story is coming out of the Ukraine and although we can’t read it, we are just reporting it as is. Until it proves to be true (which we hope it isn’t) then we will update. Here’s the thing, if this is real, this is not only crazy, but we thought we were past this point now. Nothing good can come of this if it is true! A Fan’s guide to Princess Leia!  Speaking of stuff from the 80s here is a video game that Microsoft is currently looking for! De-Andre Jordan makes us all smile when he imitates Charles Barkley from Monster Jam table read. Formula 1 pit stops from back in the 1950s to today’s pit stops! A Michigan Judge tells a snickering killer he hopes she dies in prison! Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has signed with the Montreal Allouettes, and looks like I may have to watch some CFL to see him celebrate some TD receptions! Plus I am missing Football right about now, so this may help me fill in that gap a little bit. It’s not the same, but maybe watching that, and the Sudbury Spartans this summer will help!  And finally OJ and I mention that the last California Rasin has died just mere days after talking about them last week! RIP Beebop!

Have a good week! And remember to come back tomorrow and listen to Reel Music! Here is a little preview of it!



Ehnother Podcast Episode 62

Hey Ehnother Podcast friends! Fans! Who ever you may be! Welcome to our little humble podcast network. I like to think of it as not just mine, but OJ and Ray they work extremely hard and I love the fact that I know two great people. And two great friends who love to bring you what I think is the best in podcasting today. So make sure you find us on itunes and if you don’t like those annoying files on your phone. Download the Stitcher app and find us there! Amazing so many ways to find us. Just look to our Contact the Ehnother Podcast Team on the page link above! We are here for you!

This week OJ and I cover why people are drinking the Tom Brady Haterade. I personally love Tom, he’s my quarterback! And they are alive one more week in the playoffs so when I recorded this I had no idea they had won until Saturday night. I don’t drink haterade.

Some highjinx on Jeopardy. Thanks for that Conan!

Also the first time ever that someone from Sudbury Ontario was on Jeopardy. IF you don’t know Alex Trebek is from Sudbury. Well he talks to her a little bit, and then on the daily double he is clearly disappointed. She had a good showing, and it’s great she was the first one representing Sudbury! Good for you Reem Fattouh! And clearly I joke he wasn’t disappointed. Thanks to the Northern Life for the video. And in my opinion it is the primer news paper in Sudbury!

Some other stuff we talked about are.

Man gets selfie of plane crash, ex-marine kills step-dad with atomic wedgie, Johnny Football, Heritage Moments, Canadian TV, Sir John A Macdonald, Google’s Berlin Map Gaffe, How Germans have fun at cross-walks, A student stops her drunk bus driver, The Simpsons Lego sets, The Goonies, Movies you should watch, Andrew Luck, NFL Playoffs, NFL Scouting combine and finally Miley Cyrus topless! Yes, it’s true! I do love topless celebrities!

Also to cap of the show we talked about FRIEND of the show, the network and all around good guy Aaron Beaudry. He has officially entered his name into the hat for Ward 9 of the Greater Sudbury Election this year! If you live in Sudbury and live in Ward 9 go check him out. He is available to you RIGHT NOW! Crazy idea eh? He has good ideas, and you have questions so go to Facebook by clicking on the link to his page for his candidacy!