NFL Talk Plus Episode 55 – Super Bowl Reactions

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: NFL Talk Plus Episode 55! The post Super Bowl show means Keith and I sit down this week to talk about the game itself for the first half of the show. From the winners, how we felt about it, some of our favourite moments and highlights and some of the decisionsContinue reading “NFL Talk Plus Episode 55 – Super Bowl Reactions”

NFL Pick ‘Em Season 5 Season Finale – Congratulations Eagles! Congratulations Ray!

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: The NFL Pick ‘Em Show This is the season finale of another great pick ’em show. Adam and I discuss Super Bowl LII and how 90% of the football watching world were so happy that the Patriots lost. One of our own, James, was part of the 10% who were disappointed.Continue reading “NFL Pick ‘Em Season 5 Season Finale – Congratulations Eagles! Congratulations Ray!”

NFL Pick ‘Em Season 5 Super Bowl LII Predictions! #AnyoneButThePatriots

Sorry folks, no write up this week other than to say that in this week’s show we talk: AFC and NFC Championship; then make our picks for the big game: Super Bowl LII. #AnyoneButThePatriots LINKS: Warlock Wednesday’s on Facebook

NFL Talk Plus Episode 53 – Echo Location!?

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: NFL Talk Plus Episode 53! We’re back this week discussing the Wild Card round, some coaching firings, hirings and even a couple of GM replacements. We also preview the Divisonal round of the playoffs. All recorded just before the kickoff of the Divisional Rounds first game. So you can listen atContinue reading “NFL Talk Plus Episode 53 – Echo Location!?”

Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 76 … #CapForStrat

Ehnother Podcast presents Warlock Wednesday Episode #76… Welcome to ehnother week of the Warlock Hour, here is what you will find in this week’s episode. Your comic book releases will off the show with a strong emphasis on the top 2… Marvel and DC. We get confirmation on a director that some may not like,Continue reading “Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 76 … #CapForStrat”