Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 230 – New Laptop Edition

Ehnother Podcast Proudly Presents: Warlock Wednesday Episode #230! This week’s show is a bit on the short side, but as I have mentioned before, I can only talk about the news that has come out in the week. This week saw the release of images and trailers, not really condusive to an audio podcast. NoContinue reading “Warlock Wednesday’s Episode 230 – New Laptop Edition”

Reel Music S05E26 – What Happened to the Seat Belt Rule?

REEL MUSIC S5E26 is Proudly Presnted by EHNOTHER PODCAST. Recorded LIVE April 22, 2017 from CKLU in the Heart of Downtown Sudbury. This weeks adventure, OJ takes to the world of movies that are playing in his home town. #DVDuesday – https://youtu.be/0pdqf4P9MB8 #TrailerTalk – https://youtu.be/8-xuIyIQ2_U #NowPlaying – https://youtu.be/oDD3I0uOlqY #AtTheIMAX – https://youtu.be/cqZymiqHG9I #BoxOffice Number 1 (AprilContinue reading “Reel Music S05E26 – What Happened to the Seat Belt Rule?”