Reel Music S08E10 – #TryingToStayAwake

This week’s Reel Music was recorded LIVE in the CKLU Studio in front of a recorded non-studio audience. #MoviesOnVinyl #TrailerTalk #ComingSoon #SilverCitySudbury Dec 12, 2019 #ClassicFilmSeries #FlashbackFilmSeries #BoxOffice Number 1 – Dec 6-8, 2019 #SHPH

Reel Music S05E06 – Spooky Special

Reel Music S05E06 was broadcasted LIVE on Saturday October 29, 2016 on CKLU and has been edited for your enjoyment. The ABCs of Nightmares DVD BLUesday TRAILER TALK AT THE IMAX BOX OFFICE #1 – October 28-30, 2016 UNBOXING WITH OJ

Reel Music – S04E25 – Summer Loving

(Recorded LIVE on CKLU August 13, 2016) Reel Music is here to give you all the movie news you’ve already read. We honour a great actor who passed away, Kenny Baker. Hope you enjoy and share with your friends. MOVIES on VINYL TRAILER TALK DVDuesday COMING SOON NOW PLAYING BOX OFFICE #1 – August 12-14,Continue reading “Reel Music – S04E25 – Summer Loving”

Reel Music S04E22 –

(Recorded LIVE May 14, 2016) Here is the latest episode of Reel Music. OJ and James talk Movies, Trailers, They even review a movie. Please take the time to listen. We Love Movies. LINKS: Sudbury Spartans GoFundMe Helmet Campaign Reel Music on Facebook MOVIES ON VINYL TRAILER TALK DVD BLUESDAY COMING SOON to SilverCity COMINGContinue reading “Reel Music S04E22 –”

Reel Music S04E20 – ‘Nuff Said

(Recorded LIVE April 30, 2016) This week on Reel Movies! OJ Welcomes James into the new CKLU Studio. We talk Movies , DVDs. We even mention a Hollywood death that happened 2 years ago. Super Hero Power Hour catches you up on the comic book related TV shows AND we review Batman V Superman: DawnContinue reading “Reel Music S04E20 – ‘Nuff Said”

Reel Music S04E19

(Recorded LIVE April 23, 2016 from CKLU) Ehnother week of Movies for ya right here! Reel Music brings you Movie News you’ve already read. On the LIVE show OJ played a lot of MOVIES on VINYL. We pay tribute to Prince. We even have our first call in at the new CKLU Studio. LINKS: SudburyContinue reading “Reel Music S04E19”

Reel Music S04E18

(Recorded March 12, 2016) Join OJ and James for a Reel Music Commerical Free Home Show. OJ and James are planning some big stuff once the new CKLU Studio is up and running. Hope you enjoy the show. DVDuesday NOW PLAYING COMING SOON BOX OFFICE #1 – March 11-13, 2016 SHPH

Reel Music S04E17 – End of an Era

(Recorded LIVE March 5, 2016) The whole gang is here (sort of). OJ, James and Rob share some memories of the CKLU Studio and express how they feel about what movies they like to watch. MOVIES on VINYL BOX OFFICE #1 – March 4-6, 2016 SHPH

Reel Music S04E15 – Size Doesn’t Matter

(Recorded LIVE February 6, 2016) Here we are on ehnother Tuesday and Some Movie news for you. We walk you through the Comic Book TV Shows and Breakdown the Box office numbers. We got some OK trailers in TRAILER TALK. Hope you listen. DVD BLUESDAY TRAILER TALK NOW PLAYING COMING SOON BOX OFFICE #1 –Continue reading “Reel Music S04E15 – Size Doesn’t Matter”

Reel Music S04E13

(Recorded LIVE on January 23, 2016) REEL MUSIC continues full tilt and James and OJ share some recent movie news, box office numbers, and discuss the different ratings. SHPH is quickly turning into a speed round. MOVIES ON VINYL DVD BLUESDAY TRAILER TALK COMING SOON EVENT Wednesday, January 27, 2016 – 7PM at Cineplex NOWContinue reading “Reel Music S04E13”